Thursday, November 28, 2013

From the skype I learned lots of things about the native culture and how it is different from ours and also how it is the same.  First of all i learned that there laws differ from ours, for example they can drive around with a bunch of kids in the bed of the truck and not think twice about it because that is what they do. Here you can't do that the vehicle has to has enough seatbelts for everybody in it and it is against the law to have a bunch of people in the back of the truck on roads. I also learned they are a lot like us, they play sports like hockey and lacrosse, they have rival towns in these sports, they follow the same curriculum in school and they get there g1 at 16 like us. One thing they do different though is that they are connected with there culture and history and are connected to the earth, they do this by attending powwows and other cultural activities.

I liked the mystery skype. It allowed us to see and talk to kids our age from a different culture and have a conversation with them and learn about how they live what they do and how there lives are. I liked how we had to find out where they live through questions and they had to do the same.

What i didnt like as much was how our camera was on the side of the room and only showed like three students. we could have had the camera at the front of the room and have everybody in the skype and have everybody involved.


  1. Joel, you clearly made some good observations about the similarities and differences. I agree about the placement of the camera. I need to invest in a longer cord, otherwise I can't project onto the screen!

  2. Hi Joel,
    I think opening our conversation with the game of "Where in the world are you?" was terrifically fun! It helped set a positive tone and ease our nerves. Nonetheless, there were moments of prolonged silence and possibly feelings of awkwardness. Do you have some ideas how this might be avoided in future sessions?